Operation Management Command and Control

SIMS (Situational Information Management System) is a fully integrated Operation Management Command and Control (C2) tool kit. It has been developed as a joint venture between:

Based on a military C2 platform tried and tested in military operating in 47 countries.

It is able to operate with remote (off grid) low bandwidth and even intermittent (VHF radios) tactical communications in remote or extreme environmental conditions.

Its robust database and communication protocols enable it to function reliably even with poor connectivity and it can use multiple redundant communication systems to achieve this.

Environmental factors
  • Dynamic rapidly moving operations
  • Large number of operating units
  • Remote conditions
  • Limited or no infrastructure
  • Rough terrain
  • Long supply line
  • Large operating areas
  • Limited communications
Human Factors
  • Local cultural issues
  • Poorly educated labour force
  • Local languages
  • Diverse culture of skilled workforce
  • Language issues with skilled workforce
  • Diverse training and experience
Fully Integrated Technology Advantage

  • End result is improved Efficiency and HSE performance through operational situational awareness
  • Better information at the frontline
  • Better field coordination
  • Better communications
  • Physical – real time digital
  • Organisational - up and down the chain of command

Field Command

Field Command

Laptop Sim

Mobile table with mark-up graphic function shown
"A picture is a thousand words."


  • Orders & plans
  • Tasking
  • Reporting
  • Mark-up Graphic
  • Journey Management
  • Route Planning
  • Tracking
  • Inventory holdings
  • Hazard Overlay
  • Guard Zones
  • Geotools
  • Logs
  • Maps
  • Playback
  • Chat