"There is always a better way to do it"

What we do

The GAMA ProjEx team have provided upstream exploration Project Management Services in the most extreme environments of Papua New Guinea since 2004.

We have extensive experience managing onshore Seismic Surveys for the majority of Oil and Gas Operators in PNG.

Company Information


Project Management

“Managing Risk in the land where the unexpected is expected”.

  • End to End and Project Management services for upstream exploration projects.
  • Close integration with our clients to leverage off their existing strengths
  • Development of project specific, fit for purpose QHSE Management Plans for Risk Mitigation
  • Consultancy services to address a wide range of operational challenges resulting from the PNG environment.


Project Logistics

“Where we are going there are no roads….”

  • Custom solutions for remote project logistics with long supply lines, including planning, supplier selection and management
  • We have network of tried and tested service providers
  • With our partner companies we are also able to provide a full range of field support services including: skilled workforce, local labour hire, community affairs and in field medical services
  • We have fit for purpose off grid communications and utilise the latest Command and Control (C2) systems for staff, asset and inventory tracking and management



“Looking after people and the environment in one of the World’s last frontiers”

  • Light Weight Rapidly Deployable (LWRD) camp system
  • Based on as tried and tested US Military technology product
  • With custom modifications made to make it most fit for purpose for the PNG environment
  • CAD design
  • Deployment
  • Operations and logistics support


Off Grid Communications

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

  • Planning and design
  • Installation and optimisation
  • Support and maintenance
  • Leading edge fit for purpose bespoke technical solutions can be provided including:
    Satellite Solutions including: VSAT, BGAN, PPT, Hand-held devices
    Radio Solutions including: HF (SSB), VHF Low Band, VHF High Band, UHF & Microwave


Technical Services

“Doing great things in extreme places"

We and our partner companies are able to provide an extensive range of technical services, all managed as an end to end integrated service.

  • Seismic Survey – Our team have managed over 40 survey in PNG since 2000 and as such the majority of the onshore seismic acquisition in PNG since this time.
  • Other Geophysical and Geological Surveys – Planning, project management and execution
  • Geotechnical Survey – Operations management and logistics
  • Survey & GIS – Field survey, processing, or complete GIS solutions
  • Marine Survey – Management, acquisition and processing


Command and Control Systems

““There is always a better way to do it”

  • Command & Control (C2) and Situational Awareness System, providing a fully integrated Operations Management system for all rapidly changing diverse field based operations and logistics.
  • Using leading edge military technology adapted by GAMA and Partner companies for commercial application.
  • Able to reliably operate in the most extreme, off the grid environments
  • Improving the operational efficiency and reducing project down time
  • Field tested and proven military technology used in over 47 countries